Jackie from The Country Florist is a fifth generation florist and an expert in wedding, home and bespoke flower displays. Last Spring we called on her expertise to show you how to create and care for a beautiful Spring bouquet. Whether you are looking to arrange your own flowers or simply need some tips on buying the best buds possible, follow Jackie’s advice this Spring and you will not be disappointed.


Buying British

Try to choose as many British flowers as possible. From daffodils to hyacinth, there are so many early Spring British blooms in a variety of shades and with some gorgeous scents, so you won’t be short of choice! When you have decided on the flowers you would like to use ensure that they are in bud, fresh looking and strong stemmed so you can get maximum use out of your bouquet.


TOP TIP: Always trim your stem on an angle to allow the water to travel up effectively, preventing airlocks and keeping your blooms fresher for longer.

On The Level

Use a variety of levels, heights and shapes when creating your bouquet. The key to an interesting flower display is when the eye is drawn to a range of pretty focal points from different textured plants like low lying succulents to tall statuesque shapes such as pussy willow. Always trim any leaves from the stem that lie below the water line and gradually build your bouquet using pretty foliage where needed.


TOP TIP: Remember to store your bouquet away from radiators and always keep them away from direct sunlight; the cooler it is the longer they will last.

Heaven Scent

Spring flowers provide beautiful perfumed scents and this is often the reason for many of us investing in a bouquet or two to decorate the home with. Hyacinths, bridal crown, ranuculus and freesia all emit a heavenly aroma that you can enjoy throughout the season. If you love daffodils then invest in flowers from the narcissi genus, this popular British flower has many varieties that give off the sweet heavenly scent that we associate with Spring.


TOP TIP: Change the water in your display daily as the less bacteria that forms the longer your flowers will flourish for.

Botanical Beauties

This season step out in pretty floral styles like Molly and Tara to give a gentle nod to the floral trend.





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