Give the perfect gift this Christmas thanks to craft fanatics Joanne from Charlie Moos and Lexy from Made By Me Parties, or help spread the festive cheer in the run up to the big day!


To create a pom pom bag charm follow Joanne’s quick and easy instructions below…

Bag charms are bang on trend this year. This summer you couldn’t move for flamingo and pineapple charms which just scream hand me another pina colada, but as we head into Autumn and dare I say it Christmas how about something a little more fluffy. I teamed up with the lovely Lexy  from Made By Me Craft Parties to create some super easy bag charms. The great thing about these pom pom charms is you can easily tailor them both in terms of size and colour to suit your handbag or the season.

What you need:

Lanyard clip or plain keyring.

Wool, 2 different colours. We used red and white for a candy cane Christmas feel and a wintery icey teal and grey Elsa (Frozen?) feel.

Pom pom maker, we used a 3cm.

Beads to match your wool.


I go to a lot of events and have amassed a collection of lanyards, so these pom pom keyrings were a perfect excuse to recycle the clips. We quite like the lanyard clips as they easily attach to your bag and have a swivel on them making the charms swing around like they are dancing on your bag. But you can easily create these using keyrings or large jump rings. You can also use up odds and ends you might have lying around in terms of yarn, wool, beads etc. to create some super funky charms.

How to make a pom pom bag charm:

Make the pom pom using whatever method you have access to. We used a Clover pom pom maker in small pom pom maker but you can use card. There are plenty of tutorials online too to give you even more ideas.

Wind your choosen wool round the arch of the pom pom maker. You can either fill the whole pom pom maker with one block colour or fill each arch with 2 or 3 co-ordinating colours to make a muliti coloured pom pom.

Put the arches down and cut through the middle.

Use quite a long section of wool to tie off the centre of the pom pom. Once removed from the maker do not cut these tail ends but do give your pom pom a little hair cut to make sure all the wool is an even length.

Using a large darning needle to thread the beads onto the tail ends. Repeat until you have your required amount of pom poms, we went for 3 mini ones but you could mix it up with larger sized pom poms.

Using all the tail ends for all 3 pom poms, tie onto the lanyard clip using a double knot. Once securely in place, trim off the ends. Clip onto your handbag. Voila!

We hope you have fun making your fluffy pom poms, this simple yet effective make is perfect for cosying up in the evenings and will make the perfect gift for friends and family this Christmas. However we wont blame you if you keep them for yourself!

Share your creations

We’d love to see what you come up with to accessorise your (Hotter) handbag, you can tag us both on Instagram in your creations (@CharlieMoos @MadeByMeCraftParties ). Happy crafting!


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About Joanne and Lexy

Lexy (Made By Me Craft Parties) and Joanne (Charlie Moo’s) live in rural Dorset and met through their local networking group Lemur Linkup. Both turned their joy of crafting and parties into small businesses. Lexy has a love for photography and travel and considers buying craft supplies a hobby! In her spare time Joanne likes to eat and watch crime dramas sometimes at the same time!


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