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If you are a keen explorer, walker and outdoor enthusiast, Derbyshire is the place to visit. Not only can you visit our Derby store which is located in the Intu Centre next to Lush, but you can also collect your GORE-TEX® walking shoes that are essential to keep your feet warm and dry during walking adventures.

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Some facts about Derbyshire:

  • Derbyshire is home to Derby, the UK’s most central city, it is a great base for your walking activities.
  • Derby has a claim to be one of the birthplaces of the industrial revolution and played a big part in the training for WW2’s bombing raids.
  • In 1977 Derby was awarded city status by the queen.
  • Rolls-Royce, Bombardier and Toyota are based in Derby.
  • Bennetts is one of the oldest department stores in Derbyshire, the Saddler Gate area is one of the oldest parts of Derby which has a nice variety of shops, bars and eateries.
  • Just outside in the Derbyshire countryside you will find Chatsworth, Tissington Hall, Hartington and Bakewell (the home of the Bakewell Tart).
  • If you want a break from walking, take a trip on Ecclesbourne Steam Railway and take in the spectacular views.


Kinder Scout is great for a rambler…

Kinder Scout

Kinder Scout is the highest point of the Dark Peak area and has a prominent history, especially for walkers. In 1935 a group of about 400 people attended a rally at Bowden Bridge Quarry to gain access to the open moors. At the time people could only access certain areas of the moors because the owners of the land were strict about who could access the land. The group of protesters were confronted by the bailiffs and some were arrested, this lead to the event being known as the Kinder Scout Trespass. Along with a number of other protests in the area, the Kinder Scout Trespass led to a political will to allow access to the open moor as well as the creation of the first National Park in 1951. Find out more information on the National Trusts website

Christine, the Derby store manager, is a walking enthusiast who travels across the country on walking adventures. Kinder Scout is on Christine’s door step and she discusses, “Kinder scout is a tough cookie but very satisfying once you reach the top. You can walk up the famous (if you’re a walker) Jacobs ladder steps or go around.”



Vale GTX® are the go to walking boot that will keep your feet nice and warm with the faux fur tongue. The breathable GORE-TEX® lining will keep your feet dry as you walk through the beautiful landscape.



Kinder Scout

Wainwright walks

The Kinder Scout area is also famous for the Wainwright walks. Alfred Wainwright is known for his love of the peaks and the protection of the scenery that surrounds the walks he has documented. Wainwright writes about the adventure in his book ‘The Pennine Way’ which has inspired many walkers to visit and explore the terrain for themselves.

The walk is not an easy one. This challenging trail will take you through different terrains, from the stepped path of Jacobs Ladder, gentle streams, peat, steep rocks and the kinder down fall. As you travel through this ever changing landscape, you will be rewarded with breath-taking views which are the perfect opportunity to document your adventure with pictures.


Tundra GTX®


Tundra GTX® supports your feet as you walk due to its durable sole whilst, hugging your feet like a glove with soft padded collar and tongue. The laces make the shoe adjustable and the zip makes it easy to put on and off. Perfect for your countryside adventures.


Derwent Valley

Derwent Valley

Derwent Valley has had a profound effect on our technological history. This was the place where we first harnessed the power of water during the Industrial Revolution for textile production. It is also home of the East Midlands only World Heritage Site which amongst the beautiful countryside contains historic mills and the first modern factories that give a great insight into the industrial past.

The valley is home to a multitude of wildlife, woodlands and flowering pastures which the rivers and streams meander through. There are picturesque villages that you can through village trails and discover the local hospitality during your visit. The area has a lot to offer, there is something to suit everyone, with walking and cycling routes, heritage, wildlife and shopping.

All of the drama is at the Derwent Dam. Here you can find a moderate 4 mile walk (or longer if you want to test yourself which is dog friendly. You will observe the Dams that make up the Ladybower Reservoir. The site of the old Derwent village which was flooded during the Second World War as one of the dams was built. When water levels are low you can see the outlines of the flooded village.

Derwent Valley

This site is also famous because the famous squadron the ‘Dam Busters’ practiced low altitude flying and using the recently created Bouncing Bomb in preparation for targeting some of Germany’s hydroelectric Dams. The Natural Trust has a walking route to follow to make the most of the history in Derwent Dam area of the Valley, whilst ensuring you can view the spectacular scenery. Find out more about the Derwent Dam’s history at Atlas Obscura.

Christine also explains, “Derwent Valley is a lovely place that once had a little village in the middle, sometimes you can see some outlines of the village if the water levels fall (this year was the best as water levels fell drastically). You can have a leisurely walk of a couple of miles or to walk the whole of the dam from the visitors centre is around 13 miles.”

Rutland GTX®


Rutland GTX® is a durable boot for out door explorers. The soft suede padded collar gently supports the ankle and the shoe has added adjustability with laces to secure the boot to your foot.




Using our GORE-TEX® range of shoes when you are walking will not only help keep your feet warm and dry, but they also have our Comfort Lab- Fit, Bounce, Flex technology built into the shoes. The GORE-TEX® range is made in sizes 6-12 for men and 3-9 for women with two width fittings available. The sole unit is tough and hard-wearing meaning they will withstand the pressures of adventures.The sole units are filled with air bubble’s that absorb the shock when you walk giving you the ‘Bounce’ sensation when you walk. Although the sole unit is hard-wearing, it is also flexible which means the shoe moves with the movement of your foot, so your feet feel free to move without any restriction.



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