Our new Comfort Testing team is a group of friends from the United States who have been trialling a variety of Hotter shoes to see how they fit into their busy lives. Read more stories from the series here.

[title maintitle=”About Karen” subtitle=”‘I have always loved shoes. They are an important part of life'”]


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time outdoors power walking, traveling, gardening and spending time with family and friends. My hobbies include renovating homes, antique shopping, decorating and sending cards or gifts to family/friends to commemorate special occasions.

Before you were sent shoes to review had you heard of Hotter? 

Yes – one of my friends recommended them.

Are you a ‘shoe’ person?

Yes… I have always loved shoes. They are an important part of life…they make you feel good and comfortable, complete any look and help get you where you need to go.

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[title maintitle=”Karen’s Daily Life” subtitle=”‘I am always on the go and being comfortable is very important to me'”]

What does a typical day involve for you?

I am recently retired and I am enjoying spending time with my husband, mother, brother and friends. I balance my time between our homes in Westchester County, New York (30 mins north of New York City), Lake House on the great lake;  Lake Ontario in NY and our farm in Jefferson County NY. We also enjoy visiting our 25 year old son in Texas.

Why are comfy shoes a must? 

Because I am always on the go, on my feet, and being comfortable is very important to me…I do a great deal of multi-tasking and when you need to accomplish a lot each day, the only way to do that is to be comfortable so you can go, go, go…

How does your job vary?

Every day is a gift so I try to get the most out of it and be as productive as possible.

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[title maintitle=”The Hotter Shoes” subtitle=”‘They instantly felt great'”]

Which shoes did you review?

The Vault Active shoes in Black Nubuck.

What were your first thoughts about the shoes when you opened the box?

Very cool looking with a nice silhouette and very versatile. I knew they were perfect for my lifestyle because I would be able to wear them with a lot of outfits.

How did the shoes feel when you first put them on? And where did you first wear them to?

They instantly felt great. I couldn’t believe how nice and lightweight they were. They looked great on. I wore them the first time on a nice walk with my husband along a path overlooking the Hudson River in New York.

What do you like most about the shoes?

They look great, they are very lightweight and comfortable and I can wear them with a lot of outfits.

Where else would you wear your Hotter shoes to?

Visiting friends and family, out to breakfast, lunch or dinner, antique shopping, grocery shopping, running errands, traveling… I guess just about anywhere!

Would you purchase from Hotter in the future?


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