Our new Comfort Testing team is a group of friends from the United States who have been trialling a variety of Hotter shoes to see how they fit into their busy lives. Read more stories from the series here.

[title maintitle=”About Deborah” subtitle=”‘My closet is overflowing with shoes!'”]


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I adore visiting museums, galleries as well as shopping. And since I teach fitness, I am always scouting shops for unusual workout wear.

Before you were sent shoes to review had you heard of Hotter?

No, but when my friend showed me all of her shoes and told me how comfortable they were, I said I have to try them!

Are you a ‘shoe’ person?

Yes, my closet is overflowing with shoes!

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[title maintitle=”Deborah’s Daily Life” subtitle=”‘My feet usually end up killing me by 6pm, after trying Hotter, I forget I have shoes on.'”]

What does a typical day involve for you?

I’m an artist and part-time fitness trainer. I go from the art studio to the gym, back to my art studio and then back to gym. I am on my feet most of the day and at night, my feet usually end up killing me by 6pm, but after trying Hotter, I forget I have shoes on.

Why are comfy shoes a must?

I rarely dress up during the week so I need comfy shoes to run around in.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Everything! I love the diversity and the non-boring schedule I keep. Every day is different from the last. My job is all about switching gears daily.

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[title maintitle=”The Hotter Shoes” subtitle=”‘It was a dream to have finally found a pair that I could wear with more than one look!'”]

Which shoes did you review?

I received the Rutland GTX® hiking style boots.

What were your first thoughts about the shoes when you opened the box?

Very nice! Usually hiking boots are clunky and heavy looking, these were so streamlined and light, and it was a dream to have finally found a pair that I could wear with more than one look!

How did the shoes feel when you first put them on? And where did you first wear them to?

They felt comfortable but have gotten softer and more comfortable after several wears. I first wore them with jeans to run errands and back and forth to my art studio and then out to dinner.

What do you like most about the shoes?

The style and color work with everything I own. They are so easy to coordinate with dresses, jeans and yes, even leisurewear!

Have you been wearing them on a daily basis?

I have found myself going back to them every couple of days when I want to look stylish and feel comfy.

Have you recommended Hotter to anyone?

I immediately told my two friends, as well as a few ladies at my art gallery.

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