Are you on your feet all day? Do you walk mile and miles? If so you’ll need comfy shoes fit for busy days at work just like our latest comfort testing team, Wolfes Window Cleaners, who work non-stop to ensure their customer’s windows are sparkling, clean and super shiny!


In our latest search for teams of friends or colleagues that needed shoes fit for their work life, we got to hear about a small family run business who were in need of comfortable shoes, and with two of the team cleaning windows, they needed something to keep their feet warm and dry, whatever the weather. Based in the Isle Of Wight, Wolfes Window Cleaners consists of Penny-Sue, 49 (Mum), Justin, 46 (Dad) and Anastasia, 18 (Daughter).

Discover more about the team and what they thought of their new shoes…



Meet Penny-Sue

Art lover Penny-Sue reviewed women’s casual style Quake.

What does a typical day involve for you?

We start work bright and early at 8am. I’m the driver so I’ll take us to the area we’re working in at that time and help the team set up. We then get to work cleaning our customer’s windows in the area.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

That every day is different from the next!

Why are comfy shoes a must?

My shoes need to be flexible, breathable and comfortable for driving.

What were your first thoughts about the shoes when you opened the box?

I thought they were very cute!

Have you been wearing them on a daily basis?

Yes! I’ve been wearing them to work and when going into town too.

Have you since recommended Hotter to friends and family?

Yes! I love them and have told everyone I know about them.



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Meet Justin

Avid gardener Justin reviewed men’s style Windfall GTX®

Why are comfy shoes a must at work?

We’re on our feet for hours and sometimes we’re on difficult terrain so comfy shoes make a big difference!

How did the shoes feel when you first put them on?

They felt really light and there was plenty of room inside. I wore them to work straight away.

What do you like most about the shoes?

That they are waterproof and provide all day comfort.

Will you be wearing them anywhere else?

I’ll be keeping these just for work, they’re perfect for what we do!




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Meet Anastasia

Anastasia, a keen reader, reviewed women’s style Mist GTX®

How does your job vary?

We come across a lot of different surfaces in our job, sometimes they’re really slippery so good sturdy shoes are a must.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The satisfaction of clean windows, it’s a great feeling!

What were your first thoughts about the shoes when you opened the box?

They were very lightweight, I was impressed.

What do you like most about the shoes?

They were sturdy yet flexible and still light.

Would you try Hotter shoes again in the future?

Yes, definitely!




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If you and your colleagues or friends are interested in becoming a comfort testing team simply email your details to [email protected] 


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