Now we're into boots season, fashion stylist Rivkie Baum is here to give her style inspiration for your classic and contemporary boots.

Following her contemporary choice of Waltham a few weeks ago, Rivkie has chosen classic boot Clarence and sheds some light on what she loves most about these boots and, most importantly, how she styles them.

Meet Rivkie

"I always look forward to the clocks changing because that plants us firmly into boot season," say fashion stylist and writer Rivkie Baum, who has over ten years’ experience in the fashion industry.

"Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a strappy sandal as much as the next person, but boots are really when my footwear wardrobe comes into its own."

Rivkie Baum

Hello, Clarence

Clarence is the fashion-forward boot you never knew you needed. This sturdy looking hiking boot is the height of fashion right now, with everyone from high fashion designers to Holly Willoughby adopting the trend, and now you can too. While this boot might look like it needs a side serving of countryside trail, Clarence is actually really versatile.

The lace-up detailing at the front makes these really stylish and helps you to moderate the fit, but don’t worry about spending hours getting into these - Hotter would rather you just get up and go, so have added an ergonomic side zip.

These boots are no fuss at all, just great fashion.

Style inspiration

We’ve all adopted a slightly more dressed down aesthetic since 2020, and these comfy and secure boots fit right into this look. Of course you can pair them with trousers or jeans, but if you want to wear them in the most on-trend way, then pairing with a boho-inspired midi dress or skirt is the perfect way to execute this look.

Dress your hiking boots up and make them great for a day out with a pretty printed dress and a smart tailored coat. This instantly pulls these boots from mud track to on-track and you can be rest assured that you’ll be super comfortable and stylish all day.

Our Mahogany combat boot, Clarence, styled with a cream wrap-coat, floral dress and khaki hat
Our Mahogany combat boot, Clarence, styled with a cream wrap-coat, floral dress and khaki hat

This classic style not your taste?

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