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Leather helps to create quality shoes that last. The leathers we use in our products offer durability, flexibility, breathability and softness to create premium, quality footwear. Our product specialists carefully select the correct leather, nubuck or suede to match the category and character of each…

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Jenni Summers
1 Min Read

A new season means a new collection, new styles and brand new colours. If you’re pondering over which shoes your wardrobe will welcome, not to worry, we’ve rounded up our top five autumnal picks for you to enjoy. We’ve made sure you’re covered for all…

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Erin Hunter
2 Min Read

Whether it’s a fortnight on the beach, a week exploring the countryside or a city mini-break, fashion editor Julie Player picks the sandals to pack this summer. Julie Player “I love going on holiday. Escaping to a sunnier climate, exploring a new city or getting…