Which shoes to choose?
Correct footwear choice is essential to help keep your feet happy

In the normal skeleton, the big toe is lined up with a long bone in the main part of the foot called the metatarsal. The problem begins when this metatarsal bone starts to drift away from the rest of the foot. This may be caused by poor foot function, for example if the foot rolls-in excessively (pronation).
As the tendons which control the movement of the big toe no longer work correctly, this causes the big toe to be pulled towards the second toe. If a bunion becomes painful, it’s best to seek advice from a registered podiatrist who can provide specialist insoles (orthoses) and protective devices to relieve pressure and pain. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to correct the bunion.
Footwear features to consider
Choose shoes that have sufficient width to prevent pressure on the joint – if a shoe rubs the bunion it can create a sac of fluid over the area called a bursa which can become painful and inflamed. If the second toe has become damaged, extra depth in the shoe may be needed to prevent rubbing on the top of the toe. A soft leather upper will readily adapt to the shape of the foot, preventing pressure on sensitive areas of the foot.

Comfort features such as deep toe boxes, soft leather uppers and cushioning polyurethane soles meet the criteria Hotter demand for healthy footwear.

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At Hotter we know that comfort never goes out of fashion, but we also believe that your feet should look as good as they feel. We’re passionate about shoes, so every single pair is stylishly designed and incorporates our secret Comfort Concept® features, ensuring feet are as stylish as they are comfortable.
There are numerous conditions which affect the feet, and it’s important that you wear the right style of shoe depending on your symptoms. These pages should act as a guideline as each case will be different. Please always consult your podiatrist if you have any concerns regarding the health of your feet.

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