Are comfortable shoes essential to your working day? For a team of volunteers at the Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming UK charity the answer was yes!

When we put a call out for people in need of some new shoes for work, Kathryn, a trustee from the charity got in touch to tell us about some of their amazing volunteers who travel the country rescuing bulldogs and even run marathons in a bid to raise money. When we heard their story we knew we had to get in touch to find out more and send them some shoes that would make a difference to their working day.

Kathryn told us “Many of our volunteers work full time, I myself am a nurse and we devote our spare time travelling the country to rescue ill, neglected or unwanted pure bred bulldogs. We host annual events where we get together to raise as much money as we can so we can continue on doing what we do. We were really pleased when Hotter got in touch to tell us we were selected to be a comfort testing team!”

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Kathryn’s new boots, Orla

Nurse and trustee Kathryn, is part of the rescue team travelling the UK, and fosters bulldogs whilst they are waiting for their forever home.

She picked Orla GTX® to test out whilst volunteering…she liked them that much she ended up testing them out at work too! She told us “I walk any dogs I have in my care three times a day, as well as my own, so comfy shoes are a must. The Orla GTX® boots felt great from the first day and I can wear them with so many outfits, they’re perfect.

“I liked the fact that I can wear them all day and they still feel great. I’ve been wearing them practically every day since I received them, and with Winter quickly approaching they’ll be perfect for those chilly dog walks.”



New to Hotter was Vix, an avid gardener, baker and a volunteer at the charity for around four years.




Vix told us “a typical day working for the rescue team starts off with me taking my own dogs out for a long walk so they don’t notice when I head out in the car visiting various dog homes and bulldogs in need of our help! My days can really vary from being out in the car to computer work so comfy shoes like the Orla GTX® boots keep my feet feeling happy and keep me feeling energised.

“Now that I’ve tested out some boots from Hotter, I’ve since recommended them to my mum and I’ve already got my eye on another pair. Safe to say, I’m a convert!”




Antiques enthusiast William hadn’t considered buying Hotter shoes before, that was until he road tested a pair of Thor GTX®.

William’s new Thor shoes

Volunteering since January this year William relies on comfortable, durable shoes as he’s on his feet most of the day and with several dogs needing care and attention he can put all his energy into volunteering without a second thought for his feet. He told us “the Thor GTX® shoes felt really light, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were.

“They’re ideal for walking the dogs, especially during the cold, rainy months; I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what other styles Hotter has to offer.”



The seal of approval!

A volunteer for over 6 years Roland loves nothing more than seeing a dog find its forever home.

Aswell as helping to rescue bulldogs across the UK, Roland also helps to make their merchandise which goes towards raising essential funds.

He chose smart men’s style Venture GTX® to review telling us “I thought they were comfortable from the first time I wore them, they’re hardwearing which is ideal for me. I’ve been wearing them on a daily basis and recommending to all my friends and family.”


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If you and your colleagues or friends are interested in becoming a comfort testing team simply email your details to [email protected]


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