We opened our Brighton store in style on 1st December! The wonderful Pyecombe Village Choir entertained lots of lovely Hotter customers with some shoe themed medleys and a smartly dressed Town Crier helped spread the word on the streets of this busy seaside town.

Over two evenings the team also welcomed nearly 20 shoe loving bloggers into our lovely new store to experience their very own Hotter moment – from vintage heels, to biker boots and man tailored loafers, everyone discovered a new favourite.  Here’s a few of their comments, but keep an eye out for more of their reviews online.

“I think my face was an absolute picture when I actually put the boots on.  I just couldn’t get over how light and comfy they were.” Honestly Aine

“I totally love Hotter Shoes! They are fun, funky, fashionable, practical and just heaven on your feet!” Bakes, books and my boys

“These shoes, like my other pairs from Hotter, are so comfortable to wear. If I have uncomfortable shoes on – let me tell you – it ruins the day. But with Hotter shoes on, I know I never need to worry about my feet aching, rubbing, or feeling sore.” Frantically Jenny Frances

The Pyecombe Village Choir, who were singing to support Brigthon’s Clockhouse Charity, even created their own Hotter theme tune – here they are in full voice celebrating the opening:

And if you want to sing along here are the words:

[columns_row width=”third”] [column]Verse 1

Now welcome to this Hotter Shop

With shoes of finest leather

So stylish and so comfortable

As light as a feather[/column] [column]Verse 2

Experience the cushioned soles,

Your feet will be in clover,

We hope you’ll try the brand new range,

Before the day is over![/column] [column]Verse 3

So here’s good luck from Pyecombe Choir,

To sing has been our pleasure,

We hope you’ll all be happy here,

In business and in leisure[/column] [/columns_row]


For we all love Hotter, Hotter Shoes;

For we all love Hotter, Hotter Shoes;

For we all love Hotter, Hotter Shoes

In every kind of weather!


Have you had a Hotter moment in one of our stores? We’d love to hear all about it, tell us in the comments below.

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