Black Friday is known to be a chaotic time, but we’re here to take that shopping anxiety away.

We want to make your Black Friday as easy and as exciting as it should be, giving you everything you need to know about this promotional week – the ‘when’s and ‘what’s to tips on making it as stress-free as possible.

When is Black Friday?

Mark your calendars!

Monday 22nd November 2021 is the start of our promotional week.

The big day is Friday 26th November 2021.

Cyber Monday is 29th November 2021.

Ways to shop

You don’t need to join the parades of people out in the shops to make the most of Black Friday. Especially after last year, we’ve all learnt that shopping online is just as effective (and not to mention easier) than joining the queues.

No matter your preferred way to shop, you have the comfort of choice when shopping with us this Black Friday:

Your step-by-step survival guide

1. Keep calm

Above all else, keeping calm is paramount. While everything around this promotional week is meant to be exciting and fun, the things we think about the most are busy shops and overwhelming choices.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good offer? It pays to know what you’re going to be walking in to…

2. It doesn't have to be Friday

If the thought of squeezing all of your Black Friday shopping into one day is a little overwhelming, well, we have a whole two weeks of sales you can delve into. Anything to save the stress of the big day.

(And, to let you in on a little Hotter secret – keep on keeping an eye on our website the week following Black Friday, too…)

3. Create a wish list

Sometimes it’s better knowing what you’re after before the Black Friday panic sets in.

Browse and pick out your favourites at your own pace, far before Black Friday comes along. It never hurts to be organised. Create your wish list on our website and app to make a stealthy ‘in and out’ purchase once the big day hits.

4. Download our app

As well as helping you keep an eye on our collection and managing your wish list, our app can give you push notifications so you can keep up to date with everything coming up.

Plus, with our app’s new Virtual Try-On feature, there’s no need to visit a store to try on your favourite styles before you buy – simply use your smartphone!

Download our app through the App Store and Google Play.

5. Get those excuses ready

No one necessarily needs to know how many shoes you buy. That can strictly stay between you and Hotter. But you may find yourself wanting some excuses to ease your way through the day (or keep the spouse at bay).

Hiding your ‘old’ shoes is a good way to say you needed new ones.

The last year-and-a-bit has been a difficult one. You deserve a treat.

It’s Black Friday! When else is there a better time to indulge?

Say you’re kickstarting your Christmas shopping

With Christmas around the corner, there’s no better excuse to spending money – on yourself or others! Hiding a few presents to yourself behind one for your mother-in-law or sister is a good way to showcase a successful Black Friday.

Our bestsellers are bestsellers for a reason - don't miss out on them this Black Friday.

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