What makes a sandal comfortable? Adjustable straps, super-soft leather, cushioned microfibre insoles? If you answered yes, yes, YES to all of the above, then look no further than Sol. These three staples of comfortable footwear work in harmony with the contours of your foot to provide a fully customisable fit and irresistible padded support… and its looks pretty good too!

Adjustable Straps

For many of us, a good pair of sandals become our go-to shoes for the warmer months. They are easy to dress up and down and can be slipped on in a hurry, for those rare sunny days when all you want to do is head outdoors! The multiple touch-close fastening straps on Sol mean you can fully customise your fit. If your feet swell after a long, active day simply loosen a strap, alternatively if one foot is feeling the strain more than the other you can tailor the fit without altering the flawless aesthetic.

Luxurious Leather

At Hotter, we are passionate about the leather we use in our shoes with many styles being crafted from speciality leathers, handpicked by our footwear designers to offer superior comfort and support. Sol is skilfully constructed from Soft Nappa Leather which is soft yet surprisingly durable making it the perfect choice for delicate straps on Summer holiday sandals. Discover more about the leathers we use here.

Microfibre Insoles

If you have never experienced the plush cushioning of our microfibre insoles, you are missing out. Comfortable, breathable and designed to provide essential shock absorption, these insoles are the foundation on which healthy, happy feet are formed. Discover the other styles that feature microfibre insoles here.

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The Hotter TV Advert

See the quality of Sol for yourself with a last look at our latest TV advert, a celebration of soft luxurious leather, effervescent quality, cushioning and above all comfort.

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