Summer holiday season is almost upon us and we will already be thinking about what to take with us so we look our best.


I’m the worst for over-packing so this year have made it my mission to be more professional in my approach when I go away (this from a woman who has a reputation for turning up to a one-day conference with three jackets… just in case.  In case of what, I don’t know, especially as I was travelling in a car and parking two minutes walk away from the venue, but YOU NEVER KNOW!)

After lots of input from friends, here are my five top tips to help make packing easier this summer.


Lists, lists, lists

My packing list usually starts a few weeks before the holiday as I find it easier to add things to the list and cross them off as part of the preparation.

As I’m packing I rewrite the list and put a copy in my suitcase. This serves as a bit of a checklist for on my return home.


Weight for it

Buy the lightest suitcase to allow for extra packing weight – you might need it for those holiday souvenirs on the way home. Also, wear or carry your heaviest clothes, jacket and shoes – the airlines weigh the luggage, not you!


Capsule Wardrobing

Plan your wardrobe in advance and look for outfits that you can mix and match and jazz up with accessories. If you normally get a few day’s wear out of a t-shirt or pair of jeans at home, then do the same on holiday!

Have a couple of colour schemes and take neutral coloured shoes that go with everything. I’m dreadful for taking far too many pairs of shoes but spending most of my time barefoot by the pool or on the beach, so now I have one pair of wedges, a pair of light pumps (something like the ‘Daisy Shoes), a nice pair of sandals (these ‘Resort Sandals’ actually) and some basic flip flops.













Looking for matching accessories such as a neutral handbag or a big scarf that can double up as a daytime beach wrap and a nighttime shrug is a great idea!



Blossom Scarf

Corsage Scarf











You gotta roll with it

Roll all your clothes rather than fold them. You’ll be surprised at what you can tuck into small spaces and be amazed at the minimised creasing, even after 24 hours in a suitcase.  Also, share everybody’s clothes across all cases then if one goes missing, you all still have some clothes to wear until the missing luggage turns up. Laundry sheets are also great to place around the suitcase to battle any odd smells wafting around.


Don’t pack it, buy it

Unless you are going mountain climbing in the Himalayas or a drive across America on Route 66 then you can probably buy most of your ‘extras’ such as toiletries. For a small charge, many resorts will also provide a freshly laundered beach/pool towel each day which saves you taking your best bath sheet with you.  One friend recommends just taking the bare minimum in hand luggage with tickets, passport and money… and purchasing everything else at the resort.



Is there anything I’ve missed? What are your favourite packing tips that you swear by?

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