Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about all the different activities you do in your shoes? Can you think of 25 different things?


To celebrate the 25th birthday of our iconic shoe Dew, blogger, crochet addict, tea drinker and WI member Penny Carr shares with us 25 activities to enjoy whilst wearing this classic style.

1. Walk in the countryside. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to get outside and experience fresh air whenever possible? Whether it be a walk in the woods or just following a footpath somewhere, there are literally miles and miles to explore.

2. Walk along a beach …and if the countryside wasn’t good enough, how about a walk along a beach? With Dew you don’t need to worry if the sand is a bit damp in places, although you might want to draw the line at trying to paddle in the sea in them!

3. Eating fish and chips on the quayside. No trip to the seaside is complete without fish and chips on the quayside. What is it about the sea air that just makes them taste better outside?

4. Ride on a steam train. The golden age of steam may be a thing of the past, but with over 150 heritage and preservation lines across the country there are still plenty of places you can go to pretend you still live back in that golden age.

5. Visit a castle. We’re a country full of history and there are thought to be between six and seven hundred castles in total, with many of them open to visitors. Why not go and delve into our history by visiting one of them?

6. Zoo visit. Zoos and wildlife parks have changed a lot over the years. The conditions in which animals are kept have improved greatly, and there is much more focus now on education and conservation work. They’re always a firm favourite with children, but even adults can learn a great deal from them.

7. Pick Your Own. Strawberries always taste sweeter when you pick them yourself, even if this summer’s weather hasn’t been the best. With the fantastic range of Dew colours you can even match your shoes to the fruit!

8. Weekend away. Sometimes we all need a bit of downtime to recharge our batteries and take a step back from the frantic pace of everyday life. How about a quick city break somewhere? Airports can mean lots of hanging around, standing in queues, so you definitely want something comfortable on your feet. And how better to explore a new city than on foot?

9. Exploring a new city. Even if you don’t fly off on a city break somewhere else, there are plenty of cities here in the UK to explore. Have you ever explored your nearest one? Seen it through the eyes of a tourist? If not you really should. You may be surprised at what you discover there.

10. Playground. The kids always need to run off some steam and they can’t go past a playground without running in. Sometimes it’s hard not to embrace my inner child and join them on the play equipment.

11. Visiting soft play. I can never decide if soft play is a genius invention or some kind of hell invented for parents. What is clear though is that kids love it and if you need them to run off some extra energy on a day when it really is too wet to go outside then it’s the perfect solution. I’ve even heard of some venues opening in the evening for adults to have a go on the slides. Personally I prefer to just sit and enjoy a cuppa whilst the kids do that.

12. Walk along the river. There’s something about water that’s incredibly relaxing. If you can’t get to the coast, a walk down a river can really calm you and it’s great for spotting nature and general river life too.

13. Driving the car. It may seem a tad mundane, but just going for a drive is what some people used to just do for pleasure. OK, a trip round the M25 might not be the most thrilling way to spend a few hours, but how about ditching the satnav and just exploring based on road signs? Follow the brown tourist signs too discover somewhere new to visit and explore?

14. School run. The new school term may be fast approaching, but there’s something I actually miss in school holidays – the daily walk to and from school. A great time to talk to your children and good exercise for them too.

15. Shopping. Whether you’re going round the supermarket for groceries or shopping for a special outfit for a special occasion, you don’t want to worry about your footwear. Dew’s range of colours mean that you can pair them with whatever you’re wearing and look good whilst you shop.

16. Afternoon tea. Can you get any more British than afternoon tea? Sandwiches cut into little rectangles, scones with jam and cream, a selection of cakes. All accompanied by a nice big pot of tea. Treat yourself and a friend to a proper afternoon tea somewhere and you won’t regret it. Rumour has it that if you choose the right venue you might even be able to get champagne with it…

17. Museum visit. So many museums are now free to visit (or at least free if you’re local) that they make the perfect way to spend a wet afternoon. Many have really upped their game recently with great touring exhibitions, interactive displays and a huge program of activities for the school holidays.

18. Live music. When was the last time you saw a band play live? Or maybe a full orchestra is more your cup of tea? The live music scene is really buzzing in the UK at the moment, with performances all over the place. Look up your local venue and see what’s on next. Music is always better live, so make sure you support live musicians whenever you can.

19. Farm visit. It’s easy to forget the excitement you felt the first time you got to see a cow, a sheep or a pig up close, but there’s a certain simple joy about seeing them, even as an adult. Seeing the faces of young children as they get to do just that is a delight. There are plenty of farms that are open regularly to visitors, but if you’d prefer to see a working farm in action then check out Open Farm Sunday, an initiative launched in 2006 where farms open their gates to the public for one day a year.

20. Camping trip. I always sleep better under canvas. I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with all the fresh air and the fact that we supposedly all sleep better at cooler temperatures. Combine with hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows around the campfire before bed and you can’t go wrong.

21. Work. Dressing for work can be a bit of a minefield these days. You often need to be smart, but not too smart. Depending on what you’re doing you might also need to consider practicality. And if you have a job when you’re on your feet all day you want something comfortable on them. One again Dew fits the bill perfectly.

22. Date night. Get out of the rut of just sitting down in front of the television together at the end of the day and instead book a table at a local restaurant or just pop to the pub for a drink together. Remember what you used to do together in an evening and recreate it. Far more fun that quibbling about which channel you should be watching.

23. Fly a kite. As Mary Poppins once sang “let’s go fly a kite!” Windy days shouldn’t mean you don’t get outside and embrace your inner child. Flying a kite may be a simple pleasure, but there’s something immensely satisfying about standing on top of a windy hill holding on to the end of a bit of string.

24. Boat trip. Seal spotting off the north Norfolk coast, or maybe a cruise down the Thames, or even the ferry over to the Isle of Wight. Which ever it is, once again there’s a slightly childish thrill to taking to the water. Unless you’re someone who gets sea sick…

25. Go to a WI meeting! Last, but by no means least in my list. The Women’s Institute has changed over the years and is now a vibrant organisation catering for women of all ages and backgrounds. Find your local group online and get yourself along to one of their meetings where you could find yourself doing anything from flower arranging to Bollywood dancing. Whatever you end up doing there, it’s a brilliant place to make new friends and play an important role in your local community too.

What’s your favourite activity to do in Dew? Tell us in the comments below or on our social pages using #Dew25.

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