Our lovely competition winners

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Thank you to everyone who has entered our competitions. Don’t forget to keep cheeking our blog and social media pages for future competitions.

Here are the details of our lovely winners…

Win new shoes! (www.hotter.com)

Each month we give our customers a chance to win new shoes from the latest collection. Congratulations to all our winners so far and we hope you are enjoying your new shoes.

UK Winners

November 2016: Miss L Paton, Hampshire

December 2016: Mrs L Platt, Cornwall

January 2017: Mrs S Stephens, Swansea

February 2017: Mrs K Cole, Yorkshire

March 2017: Miss E Dela Cruz, Glasgow

April 2017: Mrs M Bachmann, Essex

May 2017: Mrs A Fowler, North Yorkshire

USA Winners

December 2016: Ms D Hedgcoth, TX

January 2017: Mrs C Zderad, MN

February 2017: Mrs V Lyles, MI

March 2017: Mrs C Norville, MA

April 2017: Mrs S Linarez, WA

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May 2017 – Mrs V Jeglum; April 2017 – Ms Benson

Win a pair of Resort sandals (Facebook competition)

To celebrate the opening of our Holiday Shop we asked Facebook fans to tell us which colour Resort sandal they would love to step out in this Summer.

Winner: E W Beer, Bristol

Closing date: 22nd May 2017

RT to win a Blossom scarf  (Twitter competition)

Winner: S Murray, Gretna

Closing date: 22nd May 2017

Win a pair of fabulous flats Lily (Facebook competition)

Winner: K Ashe, Essex

Closing date: 10th April 2017

Win New Shoes (Blog Competition)

Winner: A Mary

Closing date: 31st March 2017

Win a pair of ballerina pumps Jewel  (Facebook competition)

Winner: C Maybury, Hertfordshire

Closing date: 20th February 2017

Win red shoes for Valentine’s Day (Facebook competition)

Winner: J Cooke, Milton Keynes

Closing date: 14th February 2017

Win the perfect pair #HotterChirstmas

To win the perfect pair of shoes for the festivities we asked our Instagram fans to like or comment on our festive photo.

Closing date: 28th November 2016

Winner: J Baxter, Leicester

Win a pair of Hotter Originals

We asked our Twitter fans to RT our post for the chance to win a pair of shoes or boots from our Hotter Originals collection.

Closing date: 11th October 2016

Winner: L Prestage, Essex

Win a floral gift for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s, we sent 20 special customers a floral gift, and because we love our Facebook fans too, we also gave them the chance to win a floral gift.

Closing date: 15th February 2016

Winners: C Batt, Milton Keynes, UK; P Hutchinson, Derbyshire, UK; L Abrahams, Bath, UK; H Rea, Colchester, UK and J Butler Harrogate, UK

Win new shoes from our Spring collection

To celebrate the launch of our Spring 2016 collection, we asked Facebook fans to tell us which style they would love to win and why.

Closing date: 1st February 2016

Winner: Mrs Corrin, Southport, UK

Win your favourite five pairs

We asked Hotter fans to tell us their favourite five pairs for the chance to win them.

Closing date: 31st January 2016

Winners: S S Eastwood, OH, USA; K Gunther, NY, USA; A Lilly, WA, USA and J A Lee, AL, USA

Win a pair of h92 shoes

We asked ‘It’s A Shoe Thing’ readers to tell us what #h92islighterthan for their chance to win a pair from the collection.

Closing date: 24th January 2016

Winner: K Hipkin, Newcastle, UK

Win a pair of the lightest shoes we’ve ever had

Exclusively for Facebook fans, we hosted a competition to win a pair of shoes from our h92 collection to celebrate Tim Peake being the first British astronaut to carry out the first ever spacewalk.

Closing date: 18th January 2016

Winner: G Sharps, Manchester, UK

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